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BRC and Sustainability

It is important to me personally that Bridge Road Consultants takes sustainability seriously.  As the company evolves, I regularly look for new ways to add sustainability into our ways of working.

Our current focus is on contributing to Ecologi to offset our carbon utilisation but, as the business grows we will be looking to make decisions that incorporate sustainability at their core.

What Else We're Doing

Some of the other areas that we are working on decreasing our impact on the environment:

  • Working remotely to reduce the impact of travel on the environment

  • Working with suppliers who are focused on the environment. This includes our accountants, Switchfoot Accounting and GiffGaff - who are Corp B Certified.

  • Reducing our digital footprint

  • Undertaking carbon literacy training

Image by Dave Hoefler


Our key partner is Ecologi and we are proud to be a climate friendly workforce with a goal of becoming climate positive.  In addition, we contribute to reducing the impact on the climate by funding carbon reduction projects and planting more trees.

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