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Modus Evolvere for Aspiring Podcasters

If you've been thinking of starting your podcast but never seem to get it going, this is the answer.

Over 6 weeks, you'll have weekly live training taking  you through each of the areas that you need to cover to get your podcast out into the world. A community will be there to support you throughout the process so you can share progress, ask questions, get feedback on your ideas and more.

All the live sessions will be recorded so if you can't make it live, you won't miss out and I'll be in the community regularly to answer questions as well.

By the end, you will have everything you need to launch your podcast - and we'll go through all the steps to launch it so if you've prepared your first episode (which I guide you through), you will be able to go launch right away!

The total investment is £197 and the next course starts on 10 May 2023.

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