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My Business Tools

LIke all business owners, I have a lot of different tools that I use to run my business.


Over time, I have come to realise how difficult it is to find the right tool for you and that getting a recommendation from someone can make a huge difference. To this end, I started thinking about affiliate programmes.

I'll be honest, I used to view these with a high degree of skepticisim, however after some investigation, I know know that - for the most part - they are mutually beneficial. The person recommending gets a thank you, the person using the recommendation finds out about a tool they may not have known aobut and, depending on the tool, may even get a bonus and the company itself gets a new customer.

My fears about the affiliate links meaning the user was charged more are unfounded - or at least for any that I have chosen to be associated with.

What you will find below are the tools that I use. If it is a tool that for some reason I only use occasionally - for example, some project management tools are not suitable for my purposes, however I have evaluated any on here - that will be made clear.

Acuity Scheduler

Acuity has made my life so much simpler by allowing people to book directly with me. I use it all the time!


I use a couple tools for video, depending on what I am trying to achieve.  Animoto is briliant for structured, fantastic looking videos. It is quick, easy and surprisingly powerful!


I use Thinkific for courses and downloads. I like the functionality it offers to course builders and the ease of use for students.


Demio is a webinar tool that I use extensively both for debinars (webinars by debra!) and for my podcast interviews. 

Their support team is amazing and the tool itself fabulous.

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