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OmnyStudio is an Australian based podcast hosting service. I have partnered with them as they have an excellent reputation, superb functionality and are a forward thinking company that is continually working on improving their services. 

The podcast hosting provides you with:

  • Easy to use tools

  • Analytics (how is your show doing!)

  • Visualised Video with audiogram 

  • Podcast page (to provide a web based listener experience)

  • Web & Embed Player (add your show or episode to any site and still get the downloads in your stats)

  • Links to major Podcast applications - iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and TuneIn

  • Scheduled release

  • Monetisation options

  • Loudness normalisation (making sure the volume across your audio is consistent)

  • Social sharing to Twitter and Facebook

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Dineley Penney Music

Dineley Penny Music consists of 3 amazing artists who make your music and provide voice over services for your intro and outro music.  Pete is the music maker and also your male voice over artist. Mandy provides a warm, female voice for voice over and also the option of a writing beautiful words for you. Lilianne offers a younger, female voice to complete your three options!

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Pete Dineley

Pete Dineley, an ex-professional musician, has worked with many big names in the music/entertainment industry. He is a talented bass player, guitarist and keyboard player who now writes and produces for other artists. With a keen interest in modern music production techniques, married to deep multi-genre musical experience, he is perfectly placed to provide the right music for the right audio visual or social media piece.

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Mandy Penney


I started my career when I was 14 years old singing in the northern clubs, great training ground, from there I went to holiday camps, singing solo and in bands, to singing at the Mayfair suite in Southampton suite but, after I was asked to sing in my underwear, I left that side of my career to work as a singer songwriter with my husband, partner at the time Pete Dineley.


We were lucky enough to have recorded in the biggest studios at the time, in the UK, such as Rockfields, Air Studios, Jacobs etc and signed, we had a great time. Then after years of working as songwriters and recording artists we set up a jazz funk band, one of my fav bands ever, full of exquisite musicians, on a par with the best, people used to flock to see us at a gig in Hampshire.


Following that we put a top class function band together where we performed in some of the most popular function venues in the UK, again, we had such a great time and didn’t pick up the phone to look for work for 15 years, it came to us, because we worked so hard at getting it right! 


We have performed at some beautiful weddings, balls, dinner dances, shows, and many a corporate function. We read the audience and interact to bring the audience together. 


We have made friends, people happy and had an absolute flippin' blast!


These days we have a duo with a big sound, or I go solo for smaller events, playing material from the 40’s right up to 2018! 


If you would like a song list let me know, but we are always happy to learn songs that are special to you....



Lilianne is an 19-year-old singer/songwriter who lives just outside of London. She has been writing her own songs since she was 10 years old and performing live since she was around 12. She is self-taught on the guitar, the piano and the ukulele and uploads her original songs and covers on her YouTube channel.

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