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Claire Leigh: In Conversation

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Claire Leigh started her boutique business just over 4 years ago with a small credit card loan holding ‘gift parties’ in people’s houses. She now has an award winning shop in St.John’s Village, Woking turning over in excess of £200,000.

Claire shares her story of how she went from gift parties to having the shop in St. Johns Village, Woking.

Claire has a number of events in the lead up to Christmas - starting on 1st November with an evening to solve your styling dilemmas for the upcoming party season - with professional stylist, Emma Shoe

Show Notes

We talk about:

  • How Claire's dream of having a shop became reality

  • Her use of social media to create awareness

  • Getting started with gift party nights

  • Running her 'side hustle' alongside a corporate role and family

  • The gradual transition to a shop

  • What you do when you choose the wrong products

  • Managing requests from local artisans to stock their products from Claire's side and the maker's side

  • Getting the windows dressed

  • Behaving with integrity towards your staff, whilst looking after your business and understanding your legal obligations to staff members

  • Building a support network around you - to get advice - costs money but worth it, also on courses

  • The role fitness and diet play in keeping her on an even keel

  • Where her business is going and why it is called Two Ducks

  • Her children's sense of ownership (and just how many children fit into the changing room at the same time!)

Show Links

Email: Claire Leigh


Twitter: @_twoducks

Instagram: @clairetwoducks

Facebook: twoducksgifts


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