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Conversations at the Lead Gen Summit

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

This week I am in conversation with multiple speakers and business owners! As yesterday was Small Business Saturday, this seemed the ideal time to share the mini-interviews I did at Richard Woods' Lead Gen Summit in October.

Each business owner shares what they have found (or are still finding) challenging about starting up and running a business. We start with Allanna Farquhar who is just setting up a new business venture and end with Richard Dwyer with an established business of 20 years!

In between, we hear from Mandy Dineley, Lindsay Milner, Jess Staniforth, Jade Binsted, Caroline Evans, Chris Brown.

Setting the scene is Jake Liddell - the Lead Gen Ninja. I've captured the beginning of Jake;s talk at the summit as I think it really helps to understand some of our fear of selling and what we should be focussing on.

Daniel Priestley and Jordan Bucknall give some great advice for low cost ways to increase your visibility and find what you clients really want.

Guest Details

Allana Farquhar (04:25) -

Caroline Evans (23:29) - Caroline Evans Hypnotherapy

Chris Browne (27:19) - Horizon Group

Daniel Priestley (16:20) - Dent Global

Jade Binsted (21:21) - Ribbons Media

Jake Liddell (01:44)- WP Aid

Jess Staniforth (18:30) - Purple Spider Digital

Jordan Bucknall (10:09)- Upbeat Agency

Lindsay Milner (13:11) - Silvern Training: make sure you watch Lindsay's Book in 5 Minutes, There's a new book every week and Lindsay provides a great summary and include her recommendation on whether it's worth reading or not! She also runs 30 Day Challenges for anyone not happy at their workplace.

Mandy Dineley (06:31) - My Beautiful Pen: make sure you visit Mandy's online shop where you can order letters from Santa!

Richard Dwyer (30:12)- Flair Gymanstics and Kids Impact

Richard Woods - Yomp Marketing

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