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Dayne Shuda: In Conversation

This week I'm in conversation with Dayne Shuda. Dayne is the owner and founder of Ghost Blog Writers.

Dayne always wanted to be in business for himself and when he left university, started his own business. It wasn't working and he realised he had to let the business go. He took a job in a footwear catalogue company. His manager liked Dayne's entrepreneurial spirit and his role suited him well. His knowledge and experience grew.

He then started a side hustle - writing blogs for one company and then more seemed to keep coming along. He hadn't originallly had any plans to turn this into a business but as the need became clearer each day, he finally took the decision to start on his own again.

In our conversation, we talk about:

  • Ghost Blog Writers (his company)

  • How you market yourself when you are 'a secret'!

  • Letting go of the 'doing'

  • Planning for the growth of the company

  • Figuring out how to make sure your priorities are in the right place

  • His advice on whether to start your own business or not

You can contact Dayne at:

Twitter: @dayneshuda

Instagram: @dayneshuda

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