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Do you spend enough time (and money) on your processes and professionals?

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Earlier today, I read Joel Gascoigne's post on Buffer's decision to layoff 10 people. It is an open and heartfelt message about how we all make mistakes, the reasons for the decision, what they have learned from it and how they are striving to learn from their mistakes.

The article provides insight into their values and the process they went through. While the whole article was interesting, there were two points that I most related to on this occasion - the need for experts and to assess your processes.

What a difference a pro makes!

Having just written an article on the value that experts bring, I can't agree more about the need to use professionals or experts at the right time. Doing it yourself is something we all try to do. We look at where we really need to spend money and where we think we can manage without additional support. A lot of the time, this is fine and we're able to do the job well enough to achieve our objectives.

However, sometimes, you need an expert as I've explored in "What a difference a pro makes!"

Put your money where your process is!

Processes can sound dull, restrictive even, but a good process is invaluable. It can aid without being restrictive allowing you, your colleagues and your business to deliver successfully and effectively.

Just creating a process isn't enough though - you have to assess it, monitor its value and ensure that as your business changes, it changes too.


"We’ve got some internal auditing to do to make sure our processes have grown along with our team"

- Joel Gascoigne, Buffer


Many companies, whatever the size, struggle with this.

When you start out, you might be doing things yourself, making it up as you go - and it works. Then you get busier, it becomes harder to deliver the same quality of work and easier to forget steps. You may not even realise which step you missed.

New hires learn from you - they need to follow the same process to ensure your customers get a consistent quality service.

Alternatively, you might have wonderful processes, they were working perfectly but now they seem to be causing problems, they're no longer doing the job as well as they used to. Have you assessed them recently? Are they still fit for purpose? Does everyone know how to follow them?

Processes can help you make money or they can cost you money. Make sure you have the right size processes for your business.

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