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Geraldine Joaquim: In Conversation

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Geraldine spent 20+ years working for a large corporation as an international marketing consulting - travelling all over the world. As a 'side hustle', she also ran her own tour operator specialising in South African diving and safaris.

As a mother with a young family, various animals and a husband - she was looking to the next 20 years to see what she wanted to do.  We talk about how that led her to hypnotherapy and wanting to keep people well rather than focus on fixing them when they aren't (though of course she does that too!)

As someone who is not a 'woo-woo' person, she was slightly surprised to find herself working as a hypnotherapist!

Show Notes

We talk about:

  • Quest Hypnotherapy and how it led to her deciding to shift her focus to building a second business (Mind Your Business) for preventing as well as repairing

  • The challenge for businesses of making money and  yet caring for their employees

  • Making little adjustments to reduce employee's stress levels

  • The human function curve!!

  • Get to know yourself and learn to work with yourself

  • Mental health is not about ticking boxes

  • A fast changing world vs the reptilian brain

  • How we seek approval globally now rather than just our local village

  • The impact of a global village on us

  • The challenges of running your own business

  • Not disappearing down rabbit holes - staying true to what you do and not looking too much at competitors

  • The role of running for her and how it is a natural barometer for her own wellness

Show Links

Mind Your Business Email:

Twitter: @questhypno

Don't forget - in this episode, Moira Martin talked about the Kelly's Storage Cross Country Challenge on 14th October. More information at

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