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In Conversation with Alison Edgar

In Conversation with Alison Edgar

Alison is one of those people who you just can't help wanting to listen to! Her enthusiasm is infectious! When talking to the Entrepreneur's Godmother, you might expect there to be some talk of wands and tiaras but would you expect Golf and The Godfather to come up as well? I didn't!

Alongside golf and the godfather, we talk about how Alison became the Entrepreneur's Godmother, her knowledge of sales, her best-selling book and selling from your heart with passion.


Show Notes

  • Going from corporate saleswoman to The Entrepreneur's Godmother

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • The Tom Daley moment!

  • The role of your mindset and confidence in business

  • Sales & customer service are the same thing when done well.

  • Collaboration is king!

  • How she overcame her belief that she could not write a book and became a bestselling author

  • Staying resilient and managing her own mental well-being

  • How her hot tub helps!

  • Sales success doesn't have to be financial

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