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In Conversation with Amanda C Watts

Amanda inspires leading firms of accountants to use marketing to grow their business. She is the founder of TwentyTwo Agency, an Amazon bestselling author, mentor for Virgin Start-Up and creator of The Relationship First Method™. She speaks regularly on marketing and branding and has helped over 500 companies launch and grow across the globe since 2009.

Amanda now works solely with accounting firms helping them to attract more high value clients, to be create more profit and more time in their practices.

We talk about her agency, TwentyTwo and her new book - The Pioneering Practice and her focus on accountancy practices.

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Show Notes

In our conversation, we talk about:

  • Why Amanda has niched to Accountancy practices

  • The impact of technology on Accountancy practices

  • Her new book - The Pioneering Practice

  • The stereotypical accountant

  • The importance of planning, systems and checklists and how they make life easier

  • Why you should choose one person to listen to

  • The pressures she experienced in the corporate world

  • How she went from a very successful career in corporate, to being on housing benefit to starting her own (now very succesful) business

  • The safety net that allowed her to be more spontaneous and to try things

  • Finding your support network

  • How different friends reacted to the entrepreneurial journey

  • Starting her own business - going from copywriting to social media

  • The impact that Key Person of Influence had on her business growth

  • Niches - having them, changing them, understanding them!

  • Writing her first book, then her first published book (Escape) and how different the experience was for the second (The Pioneering Practice)

  • How she balances her work, her family life and her personal well-being

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