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In Conversation with Daniel Priestley

In Conversation with Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley is a key person of influence and dedicated to making a dent in the world. Australian but now based in London, Daniel is a best selling author and co-founder of Dent Global. Dent run accelerators to guide entrepreneurs through the entrepreneurial journey.

We talk about lizard brains, families and tribes, Daniel’s journey, recognising the mountain of value that we stand on and how he maintains his well-being.

Show Notes

During our conversation, we talk about:

  • About Dent and the accelerators they run

  • His 4 books on scaling up on through the entrepreneurial

  • The realities of the entrepreneurial journey

  • Different business types

  • What happens when your team grows beyond 12

  • The Lizard Brain

  • Where Daniel started and the influence of role models for him early on

  • Making the decision to go out on his own

  • Reinvention and stabilisation

  • His business ethos and belief in ‘making a dent’

  • How corporates respond to his talks

  • Managing his well-being

  • Seeing yourself through other people’s eyes to finding your value


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