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In Conversation with Holly Wagner

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Holly Wagner

There are so many reasons I wanted to interview Holly. One she is just a lovely person, so easy to talk to she makes you feel at ease right away. A real asset when she is videoing business owners who aren't necessarily confident about being on camera! Another is her age. I know that might seem politically incorrect, ​​but Holly is 25. I love that she made the decision to not get a job but instead start her own business rather than following a more traditional route! I think it is a real inspiration both to other young people as well as anyone who is thinking of leaving a career and starting their own business.

In our conversation, Holly shares how she came to that decision, who she works with, what she loves about her job. She talks about the loneliness of running your own business, how she relaxes and so much more!


Show Notes

In our conversation, we cover:

  • What is a video marketer

  • Tips on what your video (or any marketing) should focus on

  • Avoiding 'expert' language

  • How Holly founder her niche market

  • What made her decide to start her own business

  • Prince's Trust

  • Value of a mentor

  • Finding and retaining clients

  • Networking

  • Putting people at ease and helping them get over their camera shyness

  • The importance of delegation

  • Holly's tips for recording yourself on video

  • Holly's desire to create a level playing field for people coming in to her business

  • How her vision for growth has changed since she first started

  • Building a community & tackling the loneliness of being self employed

  • Maintaining balance in her life

  • Using her music skills to record her own backing music for clients

  • Making sure you use music legally

  • Staying positive and managing the ups and downs of running your own business

  • Speaking to other who are interested in starting their own business

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