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In Conversation with Linda Huckle

In Conversation with Linda Huckle

In this episode, Linda and I spoke about networking, the challenges, Linked In and how people use it, could use it, don't use it and so much more. We also talk about networking which isn't surprising given Linda's second role as Regional Director at The Athena Network!

Linda explains how she became Linked In Linda, how she tries to balance her well being and personal life and her tips to other business owners and startups.

Her focus on supporting others in their development is clear throughout both our conversation and her career!


Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Linda's career has led her to networking and LinkedIn

  • The changes in LinkedIn since it started

  • Her love of helping people to develop

  • The importance of being recognisable in your profile

  • Her journey from computer training at BT to the sales teams to being LinkedIn Linda, a regional director at The Athena Network - including a brief diversion into Dental Nursing

  • Just what a ‘recycled teenager’ is!

  • Setting up her own business while still working part time

  • The challenge of realising how much she had relied on the team around her when she started her own busienss

  • How she manages her energy levels

  • Networking tips

  • How Linda manages the two businesses, her family and her well-being - an area that she needs to improve on!!

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