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In Conversation with Mike Clark

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Mike Clark is an Australian entrepreneur. Mike was living in London, England when we spoke but in the midst of getting ready to move himself and his young family back to Australia. A hectic and exciting time for him. Mike came over with Triumph which has matured into Dent Global. He has now taken on a new role, working with Daniel Priestley once more, as part of the Dent Global Leadership team in Australia.

Mike talks about the importance of working with influencers and how building up your own influence is a key factor in growing your business. However, he also talks about knowing what to focus on when! The ever important but often widely avoided Sales is key and Mike talks about the need for a sales culture in any organisation (and his forthcoming book on just this subject!). He talks more about what a book brings to your business, getting the timing right and also the importance of implementation vs ideas.

Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What brought Mike over

  • What is taking him back to Australia

  • His entrepreneurial experience

  • The confusion that can arise if you don't have a clearly defined market niche

  • Establishing a collaboration with LinkedIn and an exclusive 2 year deal with LinkedIn

  • Where it goes wrong for small businesses and what to focus your time on when starting up

  • How not to be the salesperson everyone wants to avoid

  • What does writing a book mean to you and your business

  • Different levels of business and knowing what success looks like to you

  • Maintaining his well being

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