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In Conversation with Sam Gold

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

In this conversation, Sam Gold of Gold HR and I talk about how she helps employers whether they're looking to take on their first employee or adding to an existing team, managing the HR aspects of having employees, some of the challenges employers face, how Sam made the transition from being in a

Sam Gold - Gold HR

corporate environment and how she balances being a mother and a wife with running her own business.

She shares the challenges of acknowledging what we're good at and recognising when to outsource to those who are good at it!

We also talk about how running your own business can be a lonely place and how Sam has found support to alleviate that and the part networking has played in it. She shares her surprise at how generous people can be with information and a desire to support others - even if in the same business.

We talk about how she manages being married, girls who swim competitively and making the most of the windows of time you have when you have them.


Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What Gold HR does

  • Why Sam started Gold HR

  • Who she works with

  • The challenges of taking on your first employee

  • How it feels to take that leap of faith

  • Sam's transition from a corporate career to business owner

  • Balancing her work and her personal life

  • The value of collaboration and referrals

  • How she copes with the loneliness that business owners often encounter

  • How her views have changed

  • Her tips to other business owners

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