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In Conversation with Tom Watson

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Bridging Gaps - The Business Podcast

Wow - what a great conversation! Tom Watson and I chat about all sorts of things including his story of a very challenging childhood but how the right support put him on the right path, how sharing this story has touched the lives of many and enabled Tom to make another change in his life helping people to have a better life.

He's a truly inspirational man! A best selling author of Man Shoes, 2 more books in the pipeline, a successful entrepreneur and doing his best to make sure his work and life are integrated. It's taken time to get where he is and Tom shares the ups and downs of his journey.


Show Notes

In this episode, we cover:

  • Tom's move from being an employee to starting his own business

  • How a journal for his sons became the book Man Shoes

  • Taking the next step with Your Better Life, speaking and television appearances

  • Managing work/life integration

  • The challenges he faced as an entrepreneur

  • How mentors helped him to get on the right track

  • Keeping his company (Recreation Excellence) with a non-corporate feel and encouraging creativity

  • How a difficult start in life was transformed when he was fostered by an elderly couple

  • How writing his book made him realise he hadn't dealt with his early abuse

  • His 2 new books that are in the works

  • From Handshakes to Hugs - all about the customer experience

  • Man Shoes, The Next Step - which is the next part of your lives together when the kids leave home

Show Links

His book: Man Shoes


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