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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas

I am reluctantly looking at the date and accepting that, whilst it is still November, the reality is that Christmas is on it's way. Mother Nature seems to have turned the temperature down, it's dark not long after it became light and the trees are a beautiful colour.

I love it when it feels like this. There is something right about it being dark early and cold at the same time. You want to be out in the cold fresh air, then come in and snuggle in front of a warm fire.

The main problem with this is that at about 3:30 pm you can feel like your day should be over and it is time to move in to relaxing mode!

I find that my productivity can be impacted from two directions:

  • It's dark, I therefore shouldn't be working and start wanting to wind down early.

  • It's dark, I've missed the daylight and now am limited in what I can do because I missed all the daylight.

Neither of these leave me feeling particularly great about working but you do need to decide what is impacting you most. That might be different on different days.

If you're missing the daylight, then make a deal with yourself that you will go out in the day and take the time to enjoy the gorgeous weather - knowing that you may need to work a bit longer into the evening to make up for it.

Or plan some days where you do a shorter day (I know this isn't always feasible but if you don't consider it, it definitely won't happen!). Make the most of the desire to hibernate and enjoy the few hours of sunshine and gorgeous autumn colours that we have.

Make the most of the time and keep yourself positive.

You might need to do this on a day to day basis which means you will need to work within the boundaries of existing commitments.

Remember - if you wake up and the sun is beaming down, do your best to get out there and enjoy it! Bundle up warm and enjoy! then come back, get yourself warmed up and crack on with some work.

If you've worked through the day and the daylight is now gone, you're beginning to feel that it's time to stop. Then do a realistic assessment - why can't you? At times there are legitimate reasons for you to push on. But if there aren't, then stop and enjoy a cosy evening!

It's all about balance!!

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