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James Thompson - In Conversation

James Thompson - Managing Director, Spokes of Bagshot

I met with James Thompson - Managing Director of the award winning Spokes of Bagshot, IoD (Institute of Directors) Director of the Year 2017 in Spokes on a sweltering July day. I was delighted to discover that James is super easy to speak to, interesting and inspirational plus - a real bonus here - the shop is air conditioned! What more could anyone ask for?!

James and I speak about how he has always loved cycling, his desire to make a change in his life, meet the business partner that led to Spokes (be ready for hairs raising on the back of your neck!), how he almost gave up and took a different path, some of the challenges he faced along the way, how it felt to be nominated and win the IOD Director of the Year award in 2017 and so much more. It is clear that James' not only wants to run a successful business but to build a community and to support people at all stages in their cycling life comes through loud and clear.

Show Notes

We talked about:

  • How Spokes came into being (and it wasn't a straightforward journey!)

  • Building a community

  • Taking the path that works for you even if it doesn't fit with the norm

  • His desire to prove himself to his grandfather

  • Saying 'Yes' to opportunities

  • High end and how it refers to the retail experience rather than only seeking a certain type of customer

  • His 3 lap approach to problem solving

  • Gratitude

  • Building a community

  • The team of ambassadors

  • Going beyond the realm of cycling both with his community and the ambassadors

  • Yoga, art and more out of hours

  • The growth of women's cycling and making the shop friendly for women

  • Rewarding customers and influencers

  • The IoD 2017 nomination and awards - their impact on him

  • His desire to give back

  • The personal challenges and his recognition of the need to look after his mental health


Show Links

Twitter: @spokes_bagshot

Instagram: @spokesofbagshot

Shop: 55 High Street, Bagshot GU19 5AH

Tel: 01276 536777


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