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Janine Esbrand: In Conversation

In this episode, I'm in conversation with Janine Esbrand - career and executive coach and Founder of Lightbox Coaching. Janine qualified as a lawyer and shortly after qualifying went on a life changing trip to Africa. After this she began seeking something that would help her give back and discovered the coaching world and that she was and always had been a natural coach.

An important part of her coaching is mindset and rethinking what's important to you now and your visions and your values as they may well have changed. Confidence also frequently takes a knock combined with not appreciating the scale of their previous achievements. Janine helps draw this out of them along with where they want to go in the future.

Janine still works as a consulting lawyer fulfilling her love of law and her passion for coaching. She shares how she experienced imposter syndrome early in her coaching career, initially believing she could only coach people who were also lawyers.

Coming from a law practice, it was a steep steep learning curve to start marketing herself and just come to grips with all the aspects involved in running your own business.

We talk about the decision to leave the law firm when she couldn't get the balance she wanted between working and spending time with her son. The drive to ensure time is spent with her family continues and we learn about her calendar (and the white space!)

Contact Janine (and find about her group coaching programme):

Contact Debra Levitt

Tel: +44 1344 289985


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