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Jennifer Hamley: In Conversation

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

In 2015 Jennifers' first handbags quickly gained a high profile amongst her peers when she won both best work-bag category and In Style magazine reader's choice category at the Independent Handbag Designers Awards in New York. Jennifer has since been back to the awards as a finalist in 2017, and award winner again in 2018.

Previously credited with establishing the cult accessory label 'Head Full of Feathers', Jennifer studied 3D design at university in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and handbag design at the London College of Fashion.

As a designer, entrepreneur and pursuer of dreams, Jennifer is proud to support the empowerment of women worldwide.

Jennifer Hamley has been given the moniker ‘queen of enthusiasm’ by those she meets in the business world. She brings this energy into every aspect of her brand, creating handbags & accessories that are celebrated as totems of fun & confidence.

Stylish, organised & full of personality, the brand has a dedicated Tribe of fun loving, empowered, kick-ass women as it’s cheerleaders.

Jennifer's passion for her customers stands out in the industry. She cares deeply about their hopes, dreams and aspirations, and is proud of the growing Tribe that in turn support one another. Jennifer also asks her followers for design inspiration, ideas and names for her collections, resulting in every piece being a collaboration.

Jennifer's creations incorporate striking lines, bold colours, innovative features and premium materials. Some of her creations are shown below, including her latest award winning bag from the Independent Handbag Designer Awards. Keep reading beyond the images for more about our conversation and contact details.

During the show, we talk about:

  • The rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship and running your own business

  • Having a network of people to support you

  • What happens when a sketch wins an award and is put into production at speed!

  • Her desire to promote women and confidence

  • The nomadic lifestyle she prefers

  • Developing her own sense of self worth & self confidence

  • Building a loyal customer base

  • Her latest award with Taja Coconut Water and her bag going out as part of their launch to influencers and celebrities

  • Shifting mindset and her own perceptions

  • Finding herself again and making sure there is life outside of the brand

  • How deciding to close her business down suddenly freed her and her clipped wings grew back as she knew she had the option of closing

  • Learning from your own mistakes

  • How scarves fit with the handbag designs

  • Her advice to find a network of people doing similar things but at different stages in their journey

At the end of this episode, there is a brief interview with Jordan Bucknall of Upbeat Agency. He provides a great tip on getting started with Facebook advertising on a low budget.

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