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Lenka Lutonska: In Conversation

This week I’m in conversation with Lenka Lutonska. Lenka is one of the leading mindset and business strategists for female entrepreneurs in Europe today.

She came to the UK from Slovakia at the age of 19, £30 in her pocket, barely any English and tells me that she was rebelling. She finds a job as a cleaner and starts to climb her way up the corporate ladder eventually responsible for millions of pounds and managing 100s of people. She also started training in a number of areas including NLP and decides to leave her job to complete her training. Broke, but well trained, she moves in with her boyfriend to start her own business from his kitchen table. It works. She builds a successful business and then, loses it all.

Confidence knocked, she applies for some jobs but just cant bring herself to take one. She starts a new business – but this time, it’s not working.

It’s only when she finds herself with just £7.30 in the bank that she realises what she needs to do to turn things around. Lenka shares her story, her advice and her passion for serving others.

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