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Linda Huckle & Gemma Storey: In Conversation

This week, in the final episode of Season 3, I share the full interviews with Linda Huckle of Linda Huckle Training and Gemma Storey of Infinity Creative. Gemma and Linda spoke to me in January as part of the #MicroBizMatters 7 Day Podcast. Excerpts from the interviews were released but this is the first time I've shared the full interviews.

Gemma shares her story of why she started her own business and the pure happiness working directly with small business owners.

Both Linda and Gemma speak about their definitions of success, how they perceive themselves and their businesses.

Linda is known as LinkedIn Linda and she knows not only how LinkedIn works but also the etiquette that works if you're aiming to establish relationships on LinkedIn.

Gemma is a graphic designer who, along with her partner Adam, provide not only the designs but the websites for your business. Gemma is not only an extremely talented designer but also has a great eye for detail.


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