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Moira Martin: In Conversation

Moira grew up in Dublin and studied Psychology & Philosophy at Trinity College where she met her husband, David. He owns a family run storage business, Kelly’s, based in Guildford which is now run by their son.

Although Moira's career was as a Special Needs teacher focusing on literacy & language problems, she also helped in the business in various capacities over the years whilst bringing up their four children.

Kelly's Storage is very successful and David & Moira both feel strongly that businesses should help and support their local community. They'd donated generously over the years to different local charities but in 2010 decided to start Kelly’s Storage Charity Events. The idea they came up with was that, instead of making donations, they would spend the money on paying for and organising active fund raising events with all the money raised going directly to the charity. Their first event raised 30,000 pounds and I have been working constantly ever since organising up to 5 events a year.

They have raised over half a million pounds to date & Moira's determined to work their way to a million!

Kelly’s Storage was established in Guildford over 80 year’s ago. It has been family owned and run ever since. We are UK specialists in mobile self storage and records management. Our flagship warehouse is in Guildford but we also have a large facility in St Alban’s operating the North London area.

In our conversation, amongst other things, we spoke about:

  • The realisation that by taking a different approach, they could help charities to raise far more than if they just wrote a cheque

  • Spending £6,000 to put on an event for a charity and raising £30,000 - all of which went to the charity

  • Recognising her strengths and weaknesses (IT and social media!)

  • Constantly innovating to provide excellence at their events from all angles - sustainability, the experience and more

  • How different charities respond to the possibility of Kelly's Storage running a fundraising event for them - and what is needed to be successful

  • The improved morale within an already motivated company - both by the fundraising and the addition of an office dog

  • Walking, mindfulness and attempting golf

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