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Pete Wilkinson: In Conversation

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

This week I'm in conversation with Pete Wilkinson. Pete is the founder of Reclara - a tool that helps keep everyone from CEO down aligned to the same objectives and moving in the same direction.

Pete and I speak about how he initially developed the 1-3-5 plan and uses it in his business life and when preparing to run the IronMan.

Pete's journey has not been easy - after initial success in the corporate world followed by the ups and downs of running his own small retail business, he decided to move into mentoring and coaching. It reached a point where his wife gave him a deadline - make it pay by September 2013 or get a job.

He contacted Vistage - a company providing speakers to Chief Execs and this marked a huge shift. He started to get speaking engagements, was outperforming on the feedback and winning awards.

He talks about the move to create Reclaro to make it easier for those following his 1-3-5 plan. He has a clear view of what his exit will look like and is working hard (with his wife's agreement!) to make that a reality.

He makes a point of looking after himself physically and mentally by prioritising his fitness, making sure the year's holidays are booked and paid for by the end of January, so he can plan his work around those and knows that he will have time to relax and recharge in between each sprint.

He and his wife take what they call sneaky days - when life slows down and they just enjoy their family and their life.

Pete is also emphatic that we need to be more effective. Most people are operating at about 65% effective. You can check your level of effectiveness using their Effectiveness Checker (

We speak about a lot more - what success means to Pete, getting support and some great advice.

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