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Richard Dwyer: In Conversation

Sometimes, the conversation just flows. Sat in Richard's living room, the cat snoozing by the window, the occasional disturbance from nearby Farnborough International Airport, we started talking about Richard's journey.

After an hour, the cat got bored. I'm realising that dogs and cats don't seem that interested in our conversations!

The thing is - when you're talking to someone who started a business to fund his training as a stuntman while attending circus school - there's a lot to talk about!

Gymnastics was part of Richard's life from the age of 4, he competed, trained and won and coached. When he needed to earn money to fund his training, the obvious thing to do was start an after school gymnastics club. His former school in Sunbury agreed with him doing it on their premises. A friend made up some flyers and they were dropped door to door. And that's where it started.

As Richard's business developed, the business he'd started to fund his stunt training soon became the reason for doing stunt work. He funded the growth and development of Flair Gymnastics with the earnings from stunt work.

Richard talks about what he's learnt, his views on our education system, teaching kids to be confident, the support of his mother, her drive to make him and his brother independent, culture in business.

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