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Tina Boden: In Conversation

Tina Boden

Tina is a strong advocate of micro business, looking after your mental health and doing what you need to make ends meet.

In our conversation we talk about the need to give more focus to the mental health of micro business owners, the importance of recognising your own definition of success rather than trying to attain someone else's, finding good business buddies to support you.

Tina shares some of the key things that are important to her - including making memories and never working with tossers!

During our conversation, Tina refers to Tony - this is Tony Robinson OBE - the co-founder of MicroBiz Matters Day.

Business is personal and Tina references Penny Power OBE and her book 'Business is Personal'.

She also refers to her amazing designer, Gaynor Carr of The Smart Station.

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Note: The podcast episode will be released 20:00 18th August 2019, prior to that the podcast player will display 'The clip is unavailable'.


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