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Vanessa Ugatti: In Conversation

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

This week's conversation is with Vanessa Ugatti - the True Worth Expert. Vanessa explains that certain personality types have difficulty in making sure they are getting their true worth when working with clients. She was one of them so knows first hand the challenges that they face.

Vanessa talks about recognising that she wanted to do something around training but being unclear on what exactly she wanted to do. Using her redundancy, she started figuring it out while working at various part time jobs that were leading her towards her future.

A request to speak on Fear, led to her being introduced to people needing help with their wedding speeches which took her towards her next step.

An unexpected setback at work led to her taking a break and then deciding not to return to that work.

2008 brought a new round of challenges with the financial crisis and losing 3 people in her life in a very short period of time. It hit Vanessa hard and she became a hermit, squirreling herself away. With time, she started networking again and met a coach who she signed up with to help her get moving again. At this point, she started looking for business owners to coach and moved away from the public speaking workshops.

This started her down the path of the True Worth Coach that she is today!

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