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Privacy Policy

The basic principles upon which I operate are:

  • Your data will not be shared with third parties without your agreement. For example, if I want to introduce you to a contact that I think you may find beneficial, I will check with you and the other party before sharing details unless you have signed for a service (free or paid) that includes introductions to others.

  • Your data is stored on different systems depending on how and what you have signed up for. Each of these providers is GDPR compliant or in the process of finalising their changes to ensure they meet requirements.  Please refer to their privacy policies for additional details.

  • Details on processes for managing information requests and data breaches will be added as this policy is updated.

If you are on one of my mailing lists, your data will be stored on Active Campaign - their privacy policy is here.

Information will be stored on Jotform if you completed a form and their privacy policy can be found here.

Information may also be stored on ClickUp (their privacy policy is here), Microsoft 365 and other tools to allow processing and management of details and interactions with you. 


If you provide access to any of your systems, the passwords and login details will be stored in a secure password management tool.  Where possible, highly secure passwords will be used. 

If you are a client, your details will be on Xero.  Their privacy policy is here.

Information regarding your access to my websites may be held in Google Analytics. This does not include any personal details such as name, email, etc.

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