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Is planning something you find challenging?

When I speak to business owners like you, they often tell me that they either can't or won't plan - for lots of different reason.  As a result, they find that work is getting on top of them and they may not be able to decide what to focus on?
Does this sound familiar? 
Can't see the wood for the trees?
Everything needs to be done NOW?
Watch my videos - one shares Lindsay's experience after attending my recent Can't Plan! Won't Plan! Debinar (webinars by debra levitt).
The other shares more about how I work with you to stop you from stressing and start earning.
Looking for inspiration? I host a weekly podcast - Bridging Gaps - The Business Podcast - it has great guests who share their stories and provide inspiration to aspiring and existing business owners.
Listen to my radio interview here.
Debinars (webinars by debra levitt)
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