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"...engaging, had empathy and understanding, and skillfully led us to agreement and an action plan..."

Sheetal S, Syngenta

Full testimonials for Debra can be found on Linked In

"...very motivating and energizing to work with Debra..."

Nicholas D, Planisware

"...uses her advantage of experience and good communication skills to deliver and deliver well..." 

Alison G, Thomson Reuters

“...she helped me plan how to tackle my rather frantic workload, new client planning and I feel absolutely brilliant! Whereas this morning I was honestly a stressy wreck!"


“... very proactive and effective project manager..."

Gemma F, Thomson Reuters

"...delivers despite uncertainty and organizational headwinds..."

Dave G, Syngenta

“Debra is one of those rare individuals who can bridge the big vision and the operational details. I always felt much more confident about the outcome of the project with Debra as part of the team."

Jeff M, Consultant at GSK

"...skilled at balancing the inputs of various stakeholders and building effective bridges..."

Ian P, Syngenta

"...impressed with Debra's ability to connect with the offshore team..."

Narendra, Ness SES

"...talent for handling challenging situations..."

Nicholas D, Planisware

"...very comfortable in the technology space or facing the business..."

John C, GSK

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