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The Time is Now!

There is an air of excitement in the world of podcasts. Despite having been around for approximately 15 years, interest in them is on the increase. I believe it's because people want to break away from their screens.

Podcasts provide great flexibility. They are all about the audio and people listen to them while doing all sorts of things - washing the dishes, on the daily commute, on your walk or your run, the list goes on!

They can be serious or fun, educational or pure entertainment, on your favourite hobby or general news discussions. Even television is getting in on the act! For example, in 2018, both Strictly Come Dancing and Love Island had supporting podcasts.

It is an amazing way to connect with an audience and to build a new audience - unconstrained by borders.


of podcast listeners listen to all (35%) or most (45%) of the podcast

Year on year, the number of online audio listeners increases in ALL age groups (12+)

With all the energy around podcasting - the time really is now to get in on the act.  Whether you want to learn more about what a podcast is, start your own or find out about which podcasts to listen to, just choose the right option for you!

New to the idea of podcasts?

Register your interest in 'What's This I Hear?' -  for an introduction to podcasts

Considering your own podcast?

Learn more about starting your own podcast here.

Looking for great podcasts?

Register here - new Facebook group coming soon!

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