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James Sinclair: In Conversation

James set up his first business while he was still in school - he had to hire a driver (his grandfather) to take him to events as he couldn't drive himself! From his early magic shows, James has built one of the largest entertainment businesses in the UK. We speak about James' journey, his support for other entrepreneurs and he gives some amazing advice for business owners.

Show Notes:

James and I spoke about:

  • Starting off as a magician while still in his teens

  • Leaving home and starting to invest as he developed the business

  • His first employee (his grandfather!)

  • Magic Money

  • His desire to sack himself from roles whenever he could

  • Cashflow

  • Managing stress levels

  • Having a warplan so you know what battles to fight

  • Founding Entrepreneurs Network and what he gives to that and other entrepreneurs

  • Thinking of your exit plan early on

  • His podcast and daily videos

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Instagram: @_jamessinclair

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