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Richard Maybury: In Conversation

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Richard is known as ‘Mr Productivity’ by many of his clients. He is the owner of Attitude Solutions, a specialist training business focused on enabling people to measurably improve the way they manage their critical results and competing priorities within high volume, high velocity workloads.

Richard talks about his journey from Chartered Insurer to Mr. Productivity and how focusing on:

Training. Motivation. Overseas.

took him to Kenya and a change from the normal trajectory of a Chartered Insurer. He and his wive decided to return to the UK and this led to another change in direction for Richard. This time he need an extra 5 words to set his path:

Defining Purpose. Deciding Strategy. Defending Priorities. Delivering Results.

His advice throughout and the emphasis on realising who you are and the critical element of sales resonates with me.

Show Notes:

Amongst other things, we talk about:

  • Managing stupid workloads

  • His promise of pain (somewhat surprising:-)

  • The need to position change properly to avoid our natural instinct to figure out how to avoid it

  • The importance of the human element being front & centre

  • Looking for tools last rather than first

  • What is drives his clients and the differences between a larger client and an SME

  • Taking destiny into his own hands by investing in his personal development

  • The realities of running your own business

  • The importance of self-belief and resilience

  • What a man on a gondolier in Whistler has to do with Richard's success

  • The Institute of Directors

  • Work Life Integration

  • Scuba diving Mt Kilimanjaro

  • Great advice on starting a business

Show Links

Twitter: @RichardMaybury

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