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Spoonface: In Conversation

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell has enjoyed international fame with the dance music project, Black Legend. The group’s reworking of the Barry White classic "You See the Trouble with Me" reached the top of the UK charts, selling more than a million copies worldwide.

Elroy’s CV includes a spot of acting – from appearances in 'Star Wars' and 'Now You See Me 2' to a market stall holder in the household soap Eastenders. There have been fight scenes in the BBC drama, New Blood, as well as film projects and commercials for BT Sport with Jose Mourinho, Haribo, Specsavers and Money Supermarket. He currently hosts his own web series 'Forbidden Truth'. He has been seen recently on a commercial for NatGeo.

Another string to his bow is as a social entrepreneur where he actively engages in business projects to benefit the local community. His music licensing company, Diverse Music Solutions (DMS), has already helped child nutrition charity Magic Breakfast.

We spoke about how it felt to go from a chart toppping career to trying to find his own path and where he is now. The burn out along the way and how he now takes care of himself - martial arts plays and has for a long time been a key element of his self care.

Our conversation ranged over the following:

  • Taking control of his life, even though it meant stepping away from success

  • Finding his way through the dark spaces

  • Valuing yourself and making yourself a priority

  • Building a community and creating awareness of what you offer

  • Burning out and looking after himself

  • Writing a book 'How to Think Beyond A Chart Position'

  • Keeping the people who are good for you in your life

  • Desire to do more music

  • Hints of more to come from him!

  • Making a list of what he wants to do with his life

  • What defines success

At the end of our conversation, there is a mini-interview with Mandy Dineley of My Beautiful Pen on the challenges in starting a business.

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